Cancer Prevention

Primary prevention

1) Do not smoke or use any tobacco product and do not drink alcohol.

2) Eat a good and balanced diet.

3) Set a specific date for quitting your addiction and tell it to everyone.

4) Take up a hobby that will keep you busy. you can find your interest in art, photography or any other work which you like.

5) During this time, put more emphasis on physical activity like bicycling, basketball, swimming, tennis, jogging, or any other sports which interest you.  Start consuming fruits and vegetables too.

6) Bring a change in your routine, which impacts your life in a positive way.

7) Wash your clothes thoroughly in order to avoid the smell of cigarettes.

8) Close your eyes and take a long breath whenever you feel like smoking.

9) Drink lots of water.

10) In order to find your goal for quitting smoking or use of tobacco, write and paste the reasons for giving up on the wall, where you can read it daily.  Somewhere on the wall or in a place where you pass by every day, by writing the reason for quitting a cigarette such as to improve your health or to set an example in front of children, read and implement their reason every day.

11) To make a choice for a light meal.

12)  Takes the support of person, organization, or counselor.

13)  Go to non-cigarette restaurants or shops.

14) Throw all items selected and smoking like cigarettes, matchboxes, lighter, and ashtray.

15) Keep yourself busy during the time of the day when you smoke mostly. Do not go to places that will weaken your will power against smoking.

16) Save the money you spend on cigarettes and buy gifts for people close to you.

17) In order to improve oral hygiene brush it twice or thrice. The use of mouthwash will be beneficial.

18) Think about your family and friends that they will breathe in a healthy environment if you give up smoking.

19) Consider the immediate benefits of quitting smoking.

20) Keep in touch with someone who Keeps’s boosting your moral most of the time.

21) Before leaving take a very aggressive stand against this addiction.

22)  Do Regular physical exercise, yoga, pranayamas a part of your life.

23) Used to brush regularly in morning and evening, if necessary use dental plaque and interdental brush.

Secondary prevention

1) Do a self-test at least once a month.

2) Rinse with water and stand in front of the mirror insufficient light.

3) Similarly, examine the upper lip.

4) Look at the inner part by pulling both the lips from the middle to right and left.

5) Lookout by moving the tongue out and rotating right and left, and lifting the tongue up.

6) Go for a dental check-up every 6 months.

7)The disease of the mouth such as OSMF, leukoplakia, and erythroplakia, and any other lesion, blister, if present in the mouth must be taken care of.

8)Take care of your stomach as well general health is also affected by not having good digestion.

Tertiary prevention

In order to avoid recurrence of post-cancer treatment. It is mandatory to look after patient’s needs such as dry mouth, teeth, etc which may create friction in the mouth for this one should visit the doctor regularly for timely review