1) Is Cancer fatal ?

According to medical science, Cancer is not a fatal disease. when patient comes to doctor in the initial stage, they can be treated . Due to new discoveries in cancer management, the percentage of cured patients is increasing. The physiology of body is different for different persons, so it is not compulsory what one patient went through during treatment the other will also experience the same.

2) Is Cancer disease of old age?

This is not necessary because cancer can occur at any age. But with increasing age, the body is more likely to develop cancer due to its low resistance.

3) Is Cancer is an infectious disease?

No, Cancer is not an infectious disease. So, always adopt a supportive attitude towards cancer patients.

4) Is Cancer is hereditary?

Public society believe that one member of the family Having cancer means that other members of family also suffer from cancer while it’s beyond the truth. It is definitely that there will be more chances of getting cancer than other people, in such family should be more aware and do the regular check-up for cancer and doctor should be consulted.

5) Is there a specific cause of cancer?

Cancer is not a disease but a group of disease but a group of disease. For different types of cancer there will different cause and many of which are unknown. the cause of oral cancer are many, there is no one specific cause of it.

6) Does it always pain or hurt to have cancer?

People believe that there is a pain in cancer, while doctors believe that there is no pain, in the beginning, the pain is growing condition inpatient due to lack of treatment. there are many medicines to cure cancer pain.

7) Can eating betel Nut/sweet betel can cause cancer?

Yes, consumption of betel nut is any form is harmful. It contains line salts, carcinogen which is in the form of betel nut such as pan gutka, sweet betel nut, etc, or does not take betel nut in any form.

8) What should be done to prevent cancer?

There is an urgent need for the cooperation of individual Government, nongovernment organization for the prevention of cancer and efforts should be spread at any level.

9) What tests are required to detect cancer?

Cancer patients are recommended for Biopsy, X-ray, CT-scan etc as per need depending on the condition of cancer.