Oral Cancer

The mouth is a mirror of the body meaning that the mouth is indeed a readily accessible window & our body. A number of diseases can manifest themselves in the mouth, tongue, and gums oral Cancer can occur in any of the parts of the mouth

Causes of oral cancer

External Factors:

Tobacco, gutkha, paan-supari, hookah liquor, khaini.


The murderous word may seen strange but this is the truth and the common man has to understand it well. That consumption of tobacco is always harmful. People who consume tobacco with lime are more likely to develop pyorrhea(gums) diseases of peripheral structures. In such people, if there is decay in the teeth, then it also becomes painless due to the effects of lime and tobacco.

Tobacco and related products contain various forms of cancer in chemical form, mainly nicotine, nitrosoprolin, etc. Similarly, smoke-containing tobacco products such as bidis, cigarettes, etc., contain carbon monoxide, thiocyanate, hydrogenous cyanide, nicotine, and their products.

Smoking tobacco such as cigarettes, bidis, etc. is more harmful, but smokeless tobacco such as khaini-surti, etc. are also very dangerous because they are high in use and many are also used by young people.


Consumption of tobacco by hookah increases the risk even more. This not only makes the possibility of cancer strong. While the smoke through the cigarette filtering reaches the body by filtering it, the smoke emanating from the hookah and chillum etc. does more harm by reaching directly into the body.

Through research, it has also come to the conclusion that when the water used in hookah evaporates and causes smoke to enter the body, it is more harmful.


It also contains many other dangerous chemicals like Aerocoline which adversely affects the cheeks, lips, tongue, gums, and palate, etc. Consuming paan-supari for a long period also has harmful effects on the teeth, due to which the opening of the mouth also reduces. And such condition is called pre-cancerous stage oral submucus fibrosis.


The effect of the harmful and dangerous side effects of supari used in gutkha is not limited to the mouth, but it also has side effects on other parts of the body.


According to research, consumption of alcohol in all forms is considered to be the main cause of oral cancer. Consumption of tobacco (smoking) along with alcohol increases the chances of cancer manifold. It is believed that both have a detrimental effect. That is, the effect is four times as much as both of them have different effects.

Internal Factors:

increasing age, genetics, hormones, viruses(teeth), organ transplantation.

Growing age

The relation of oral cancer with age also shows that somewhere the disease is due to long-term causality. As the age increases, the immunity of the body decreases due to which the chances of getting cancer increase.


Phylogenetic changes have also been considered to play an important role in oral cancer with increasing age. It is believed that cell division becomes uncontrolled due to unexpected changes in genes leading to tumor formation.

Organ transplant

It has been found in such patients during long-term care. That they also decrease immunity and increase the chances of getting cancer.