Prevention and Screening

1. Set a specific date to quit your addiction and tell it to everyone.

2. Take up a hobby that will keep you busy with your hands. You can find your art by painting or photography or any other work and keep busy in solving puzzles.

3. During this, put more emphasis on physical activity. Bicycling, basketball, swimming, tennis, jogging or any other sport that you have missed, take it back. When needed, chew sugar-free chingam to bring peace of mind. Start consuming fruits and raw vegetables too.

4. Change your routine, adopt a different way of working,

5. To avoid the smell of cigarette, wash all the clothes thoroughly.

6. Whenever you want to smoke, close your eyes and take long breath.

7. Drink water or other favorite liquid beverages.

8. Write and paste the reason for giving up cigarettes somewhere on the wall or in a place where you pass by everyday, such as to read and execute their reasons everyday for improving your health or to set an example in front of children.

9. Take a light meal that can help you quit smoking.

10. Take support of a person, organization or counselor.

11. Go to non-cigarette restaurants or shops.

12. Throw not only cigarettes but also matches, lighters and ash trays.

13. Try to be busy at a time that promotes cigarette smoking. Do not go even for a week or two in a place where your mind is motivated to smoke.

14. Save the money you spend on cigarettes and buy a gift for someone special.

15. To improve the taste of the mouth, brush it twice or thrice a day, using Mouthwas will be beneficial.

16. Think that your family and friends are breathing in a healthy environment by giving up your cigarette.

17. Consider the immediate benefits of quitting cigarettes.

18. Keep in touch with someone who keeps boosting your morale most of the time.

19. Before quitting smoking, take a very aggressive stand against this addiction.