What would happen to us if we had no addiction?

  • Healthy body
  • Saving money
  • Love and peace in the family
  • Seeker of labor deity
  • Accidental death reduction
  • End of misconduct
  • Agile and inflexible
  • Smart and smiling faces
  • Respect in society, self respect
  • Safe social environment
  • Happy life

Alcohol: According to research, consumption of alcohol and alcohol in all forms is considered to be the main cause of oral cancer. Consumption of tobacco (smoking) along with alcohol increases the chances of cancer manifold. It is believed that. That both have a detrimental effect. That is, the effect is four times as much as both of them have different effects.


Growing age: The relation of oral cancer with age also shows that somewhere the disease is due to long-term causality. As the age increases, the immunity of the body decreases due to which the chances of getting cancer increases.

Genetics: Phylogenetic changes have also been considered to play an important role in oral cancer with increasing age. It is believed that cell division becomes uncontrolled due to unexpected changes in genes leading to tumor formation.

Changes have also been observed in the cells due to constant rubbing by physical, chemical, hormones and teeth.

Organ transplant: It has been found in such patients during long-term care. That they also decrease immunity and increase the chances of getting cancer.