Treatment of mouth cancer

Surgery- Surgery is an effective method in mouth cancer in which a centimeter more is removed along with the disease and then it is reconstructed.

Radiation therapy (radiotherapy)- is usually performed after the operation if the margin is not cancer free or there is cancer in the nodes. Its facility, KGMU, RML And S.G.P.G. Available in Eye. And sometimes chemotherapy / radiotherapy is also given jointly.

Chemotherapy (Chemotherapy) – This method is commonly used in situations such as over-developed tumors or surgery.
Drug treatment

1. Rinse with water and stand in front of the mirror in sufficient light.

2. Check the lower lip carefully.

3. Carefully pull the upper lip upwards.

4. Look at the inner part by pulling both lips from the middle to the right and left.

5. Take out the tongue and rotate it to the right and left.